FNT Named Top DCIM Software Vendor in 2022

Keeping Pace with Evolving Data Center Infrastructure Through Smart Integrations

Change is constant, especially in modern data centers. This is why it’s so important to implement management tools that are adaptable. Having the ability to integrate is the key to future-proofing data center infrastructure management. Unlike specialized solutions that are static and can’t communicate with each other, integration provides the required flexibility to capitalize on opportunities, launch new services, and stay ahead of the competition.

A data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution that allows for smart integrations between business-critical systems can provide a transparent view of the entire infrastructure and maintain data in one place, therefore eliminating silos and improving data quality.

How to Choose the Right Integration Tool for Your Specific Needs
From optimizing the sales cycle to automated asset tracking and commissioning and enhanced service management, there are many use cases where integrations allow data center managers to create a best of breed solution specific to their site.

In order for these integrations to work, and to avoid unnecessary costs and complexity, choosing a tool with an open design is crucial. All new data and functions must be available to exchange data with existing tools. Keep this in mind when searching for an integration tool, as most require programming. This should be avoided at all costs, as it will lock you into a solution that can’t be easily changed – defeating the purpose of your integration strategy.

The next step is to assess the current situation and identify any gaps or deficiencies in your architecture portfolio. With a complete inventory of the physical and virtual assets and resources, it will be easier to define the sequence for your change over. It’s best to start the integration with the systems that will bring the highest value in the shortest amount of time. Then, move on to the more complicated systems.

If you’d like to learn more about future-proofing your data center through integrations, download our white paper here.