Innovations at NetWork16 – Highlights you must see during NetWork16

FNT’s last big customer congress event was NetWork14, which was held in April 2014. This was a big success with around 320 participants and received positive feedback from all participants. Since then, FNT has released many new products and innovations that are currently available for customers and users.

Besides these new products, FNT’s Research and Development (R&D) team has developed some very exciting new product ideas and innovations that will be presented during NetWork16 April 26-27, 2016.We are sure that some of the innovation products will be game-changing and open your mind to new ideas how to manage your data center in the future.
FNT is preparing a big exhibition booth to showcase many new products and innovations. Here’s a teaser of what you can expect at NetWork16 in Leipzig this year:

  • FNT Command 10 will be demonstrated, including new features such as the Graphic Center and FNT Command Dashboard capabilities. The new Graphic Center technology extends the analysis and display of net structures dynamically through the automatic and interactive visualization of cable and network infrastructures. It shows complete views of objects within their network, including their logical connections and dependencies, can be generated quickly and easily at any level of detail in order to provide simple insights into complex infrastructures. This can be adjusted by using different filters and configuration functions on any specific use case. Planning and simulating can be performed faster, while the software allows for the impact of changes with all dependencies to become easier to identify.
  • FNT Command Dashboard provides intelligent, predefined reporting functionality covering all major application areas in IT infrastructures, data centers, cable networks, and telecommunications systems. This allows a better basis for operational and strategic decision-making processes as well as increased planning security.
  • EasySearch FNT also provides a new intelligent full-text search function, in which users can retrieve information across all modules. Complex systems can be navigated intuitively, quickly, and efficiently with just a few clicks.
  • FNT ServicePlanet that was launched in 2015 introduced configurable, role-based user interfaces, predefined best-practice dashboards, and interactive graphical dashboard content to provide all key metrics at a glance. With the upcoming release of FNT ServicePlanet 4, FNT will showcase its newest developments and innovations as well as some integration examples with service monitoring systems together with our partners.
  • FNT Monitoring, announced in February 2016, allows data centers to monitor and control infrastructure components. Everything from the building and facility infrastructure to equipment can be monitored in real-time. Additionally, the new product adds important usage scenarios and significantly expands the range of capabilities, which were previously offered through integrations with third-party applications. FNT Monitoring also provides capabilities for alerts, event assignment and escalations as well as reports and trend analysis. At NetWork16, FNT will provide live showcases for all the capabilities of FNT Monitoring.
  • FNT ProcessEngine is a highly flexible workflow engine that allows complete control of your IT infrastructure processes using integrated workflows. The workflow software helps to automate and fully integrate all FNT and non-FNT products based on the open service-based FNT Business Gateway Architecture. During NetWork16, FNT will showcase several use cases for FNT ProcessEngine, such as the automated delivery of virtualized servers, managed service delivery, management of software installation requests, automated maintenance and inventory management, integrated order workflows and telecommunication service provisioning. With its process modelling and data mapping capabilities along with the integrated graphical form editor, the BPM engine has all standard capabilities that allow infrastructure managers to create, deploy and monitor flexible and agile workflows that integrate FNT and non-FNT products.

Although all these product innovations are new and exciting, the most interesting part will be at the booth that shows R&D insight about our new innovations. Our R&D and product management team will be on-site presenting several ongoing research projects and development highlights. The team will give insight into an innovative project called FNT Home which will integrate many FNT products into a central access portal providing user-specific information and functionality based on all relevant FNT products. You will also be able to discuss and experience the first prototypes of next-generation FNT products where the interaction design team works on new HTML5-based UIs for all relevant FNT products.

Our R&D and product management team will be open to discuss the development plans and roadmaps as well as your ideas and feature requests. In addition to these insights, we will present a very special surprise at this booth which will give you a unique and lasting experience of your data center. The surprise will open your mind to new ideas about how to manage your data center and IT infrastructure.

Don’t miss the opportunity to travel to Leipzig (April 26-27, 2016) to see the latest innovations from FNT during NetWork16.
Our sponsors, partners and the whole FNT team looks forward to seeing you there.