Industry Expertise: Sustainability Factors Data Center Managers Should Consider

Investing in sustainability initiatives not only benefits the environment, but it also benefits a company’s bottom line. Reducing energy consumption lowers both carbon emissions and energy costs, with the added benefit of improving the overall efficiency of a data center. Finding and eliminating unnecessary energy usage within the data center is an important lever a company has at its disposal to reduce both its carbon footprint and operating expenditure.

With such compelling motivating factors, it’s no surprise that companies have put sustainability initiatives at the top of their list. Oftentimes, sustainability can be improved through targeted measures that usually require little or no investment. All are based on transparency and data.

In order to drive optimization, data center managers must know exactly where, and how, energy is being consumed. A comprehensive IT documentation tool can provide the necessary data and increased visibility for managers to find ghost systems, avoid cooling hotspots, consolidate IT, bundle resource planning and operations, and reclaim capacities. Achieving any of these outcomes will contribute to reduced energy usage, lower costs, and increased efficiency.  

Combined with an experienced partner who knows the blind spots of every infrastructure and every data center, an IT documentation tool can help businesses take a big step towards their sustainability goals. FNT is such a partner and knows precisely where to look in network infrastructures and data centers to find and fix inefficiencies that contribute to energy waste. FNT’s software provides visibility into all the systems in use and the applications and services that run on them, bringing correlations and utilization potential to light. This puts organizations in the best position to take substantial steps towards reducing excess energy consumption, which is instrumental in achieving the dual goals of lowering costs and operating in a more sustainable manner.

Download our white paper and learn how businesses can use infrastructure management to reduce energy consumption, which has the dual benefit of lowering costs and minimizing the impact they are having on the environment.