Industry Expertise: How Telecom Providers Can Drive Growth in the Digital Age

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, communications service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers recognize the need for digital networks to support high speed communication, on-demand services and dynamic management.

As timing is everything in this dynamic environment, providers must operate with maximum cost efficiency across all business processes while delivering the best business performance via efficient provisioning, monitoring, and planning processes.

Successful providers will be those with an agile infrastructure that enables them to deliver services fast and efficiently.

A standardized product catalog meets this need for speed

With its method-based approach to defining and standardizing products, providers can automate delivery of services. By breaking services down into single, standard and reusable components that can be configured at will by customers, CSPs can achieve structured production of products with all of the information required for service creation. Think of it as industrializing production of communications services, rather than provisioning every service like an individual and customized project.

For example, the leading telecommunications and IT company in Switzerland, Swisscom, is heavily investing in the networks of the future to keep pace with customer needs. FNT helped Swissom boost the efficiency of their service management and provide quality, standardized products by transforming their IT infrastructure.

FNT implemented a unified and catalog-centric approach

FNT implemented a unified and catalog-centric approach focused on Swisscom’s services which reduced technical complexities, offered greater transparency into their infrastructure, improved the quality of services and reduced costs. The standardization of services also created an important prerequisite for automation. As Swisscom’s defined, semi-finished products are reused, the duration of their service developments remain massively shortened.

Similar to Swisscom’s IT infrastructure transformation, CSPs need to focus on their internal service management, not just external services in order to stay competitive in the market.

Transitioning to a catalog-driven approach enables CSPs to achieve accelerate time to market, tailor services to individual customer needs and increase the efficiency of service delivery processes. A product portfolio will also help telecom providers to strengthen their services in the B2B space as it is scalable and will address business needs with standard converged bundles. For corporate customers, customized solutions can be based on standardized building blocks in order to quickly respond to ever-changing customer and market demands.

Patrick Büch, head of the service management business line at FNT Software, recently discussed how CSPs can drive growth in the digital age in VanillaPlus. Read the full article here.

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