Holistic network management with the FNT Command Platform and StableNet® combo

Against a backdrop of increasing data volumes and growing networking, digitization and automation have become top priorities for many companies and public authorities. The rise of the digital infrastructure, in which more and more devices from different manufacturers, with a wide variety of hardware and software, are being networked together adds tremendous complexity to network infrastructure management.

Along with growing complexity, the demands being placed on the network are also expanding. This makes fault-free network infrastructure functioning more important than ever. Business success and customer satisfaction are dependent on a high-performing network. The failure of an individual device or service can cause serious problems and unnecessary costs. Fast reaction time and quick resolution when problems and disruptions occur is a business imperative.


The network management tool used directly impacts a company’s ability to deal with this reality. Rapid localization and identification of affected components in the event of a fault requires access to complete and accurate as-is documentation of the complex network infrastructure. This should include a detailed display of individual components and devices, along with their geodata, configurations and maintenance intervals.

The combination of the FNT Command Platform and StableNet® from Infosim provides just such a complete network management solution. While StableNet® (which includes Inventory, Configuration, Fault and Performance Management) is responsible for the device infrastructure, FNT Command enables efficient management of the entire IT and network infrastructure and creates transparency. A specially developed bidirectional interface allows the products to communicate smoothly with each other for a seamless overview of the device infrastructure, making it possible to:
• Discover devices in the network automatically using the discovery function of StabelNet®
• Assign discovered devices in the infrastructure repository of the FNT Command Platform to their respective zones and supplement them with additional information
• Automatically detect and handle discrepancies in the network
• Achieve cost savings and a more secure network

FNT and Infosim have a long-standing and strategic partnership. Learn more about the combined use of our network infrastructure management products in our white paper. Using real-world case studies, we show how two companies can now respond faster to faults and manage their infrastructure more efficient.

By: Christoph Baumhoer, Global Channel Manager

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