Third Annual User Group Conference Showcases Strong Collaboration Between Vendors and Users

The third annual FNT User Group Conference is all about collaboration, lively discussions and   networking. The conference is the ideal exchange platform for users and managers to gain new insights in company challenges and how they can be resolved. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to work directly with product managers and align standard software with market demands.

Every year, FNT sponsors a User Group Conference and invites all customers and users to join the two-day event. The conference is the ideal exchange platform to engage in conversations all around information and experience, and provides a medium to support communication between users of software products and their use cases. Additionally, user group meetings allow FNT to monitor progress and issues reported by user experiences and to implement the direct feedback as a valuable source in product development. This input is a great opportunity to recognize and implement the needs of clients in future software development and thus ensure permanent customer-oriented improvements.

The annual User Group Conference offers a variety of activities, workshops and professional information. Customers share their best practices, which gives participants the chance to learn from other client’s product experiences. Additionally, customers can enhance their own workflow efficiency by seeing first-hand how others perform.