FNT Software Expands Partner Network in North America

FNT Software is proud to expand its U.S. partner network within enterprise IT, data center, and telecommunications industries. From the planning and documentation of IT and telecommunications infrastructure to the full-service management of data centers and the automation and optimization of all IT processes, our partners use FNT’s solutions to help their customers maximize business performance.  

In January 2021, FNT partnered with Competitive Telecoms Group, Inc. (CTG), one of the leading consulting and recruiting companies in the telecommunications and data center industries. As an approved sales channel for FNT Software, Competitive Telecoms Group resells FNT’s data center and telco solutions to its global customer base.    

Our market-leading infrastructure management software platform, FNT Command, is a modern, web-based software solution with a central data repository that enables CTG’s customers to plan and deliver services faster and more efficiently. The FNT Command platform provides full transparency into valuable data center resources including power, cooling, networks, servers, storage, software, applications, and services. With an open architecture and standard interface, the FNT Command platform makes it easy to incorporate live power consumption and temperature values into efficiency analysis and data center planning. This allows CTG’s customers to speed up daily data center processes while reducing unplanned downtimes and mean time to repair (MTTR).   

“We could not find a better company to partner with for this new venture,” said Jerry De Martino, CEO of Competitive Telecoms Group. “FNT’s extensive product portfolio will give our agents the opportunity to drive revenues for virtually any product in any market. FNT Command is a unique, off-the-shelf solution standardized to deliver value to users in short order. As a recognized leader in the IT asset management industry, FNT was a natural choice for Competitive Telecoms Group and our agent base.“  

In June 2020, FNT expanded its network management partnership with InfoSim, a leader in unified service platforms, to enable the automated documentation of network infrastructure components. Through the partnership, we integrated FNT Command into StableNet, Infosim‘s platform for the network management of telecommunications and enterprises.  

Now, InfoSim’s customers can automate the documentation of technical components within their network infrastructures and significantly improve the accuracy of data within FNT Command. For example, the interface between FNT Command and StableNet automatically imports and updates data on chassis including routers, switches, and load balancers as well as modules, submodules, and physical ports. Once the data transfer is complete, FNT Command compares the data to resolve any discrepancies between the actual physical network and the documented infrastructure.   

“Infosim has been our partner for several years and we’re proud to bring our working relationship to the U.S.,” said Steve MacDiarmid, General Manager of FNT Software, North America. “To meet rising expectations, service managers require a central database from which to control and optimize the delivery of enterprise-wide IT services. Integrating FNT Command with StableNet allows enterprises to transform network infrastructures faster and more efficiently to meet the demands of the digital world.”  

FNT looks forward to the continued growth of its partner network in North America and the release of new innovations and advancements to its software solutions for the integrated management of IT, data center, and telecommunication infrastructures. 

If you’re interested in joining the FNT Partner Program, contact us here.