FNT Command Featured in TechTarget for Edge Device Management

Edge computing can reduce the computing load on a data center’s infrastructure by moving data and calculations to the edge. Edge data centers ensure uninterrupted service, low latency, and overall, the best customer experience possible.

From a customer’s perspective, value is determined by service quality, performance, and pricing. Since edge computing moves workloads and applications closer to customers, it allows for the data produced by IoT devices to be processed closer to where it is created, instead of sending it across long routes to central data centers or clouds. Moving data processing to the edge of the network also improves response times. Since edge data centers are physically closer to end users, performance speeds are faster in almost every situation.

To ensure a successful edge deployment, data center operators must upgrade operational infrastructure to accommodate modern requirements which includes implementing an infrastructure management tool. The ideal infrastructure management solution should provide complete visibility across all locations, all resources, and all connections, support connectivity to ensure standardized and harmonized network operations, and facilitate network planning to optimize capacity and resource utilization.

FNT Command is a modular system that enables you to manage, control, secure and support infrastructure assets across multiple environments and configurations. FNT Command for IT Management helps you optimize the interaction of devices across your network, and FNT Command for Networks, Connectivity & Communication Services integrates management activities and information across your network. It collects information on your devices and resources and provides resource analytics to help you analyze and optimize resources.

FNT Command was recently featured in TechTarget’s article on edge computing software for device management. Read the full article here.

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