FNT Command delivers Cable Management for Airports

Managing the multitude of airport assets, cabling, data connections, and heterogeneous systems can be challenging. As multiple critical systems function within a very limited space, airport operations are extremely complex and require proper documentation and comprehensive management to ensure operations consistently run smoothly. 

To guarantee high availability and quality operations at all times, network managers must optimize the management of all information terminals, traffic control systems, parking, and power cables within one central data model. A holistic view of all systems is crucial to ensure uptime and maximum efficiency.

The right cable management solution can help airport operators accomplish their goals from managing and upgrading IT infrastructure to planning and executing renovations. FNT Command is a standardized solution that combines asset management, connectivity and maintenance, all of which are necessary to plan network changes, analyze the impact of planned changes, and optimize support processes.

With complete transparency into all resources, airports can perform these tasks with minimal disruption. By monitoring equipment connection points and the LAN architecture, FNT Command can identify changes or disconnections as they happen, then quickly locate and correct errors to maintain uptime. FNT knows that preventing downtime and rectifying incidents as fast as possible is business-critical to airports as they could become potential safety risks. Incidents involving traffic control systems, for example, could be fatal.

As the majority of airports struggle with physical and technological infrastructure challenges, FNT Command manages all cable resources and serves as the central point of documentation for an airport’s structured cabling system.

This helps airports achieve complete visibility throughout the entire cable network infrastructure and results in the quicker deployment of new technologies, reduced downtime, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced costs, which positively impacts airport profitability.

See why eight of the ten largest airports in Germany currently use FNT Command to manage their IT, cable network and telecommunications infrastructure, including Frankfurt Airport, the third largest airport in Europe – download our white paper here.

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