FNT Command 13: a brief introduction to FNT’s new major release

Two FNT experts provide insight into the new features and functionalities of FNT Command 13

FNT experts:  Bernd Pratschke, Portfolio Manager and Marlene Pfauth, Product Manager 

Bernd, FNT Command 13 has just been released. What are the highlights of the new release? 

Bernd: FNT Command 13 comes with many new features and functions in different areas. In this release, we focused strongly on the extension of Telco Active Inventory, Asset Management, 2D Footprint and the Cable Management functionality.  

In the Telco domain, the new service category “trail” provides increased flexibility in mapping the different network technologies. Packet data connections can now also be established via auto-routing and a lot of functional extensions are provided like service type change or cut-in / cut-out network nodes on bearer level.  

Numerous useful improvements have been implemented in Asset Management. These include the use of assembly units in Inventory Management, an extended history functionality, and improvements in the IP Management functionality, e.g. the search for free IP networks. 

Marlene, as a Product Manager you’re responsible for Cable Management and Data Center Infrastructure Management. FNT Command 13 provides major improvements in these two domains. 

Marlene: That’s right. Particularly in Data Center Infrastructure Management we added lots of new and powerful features for space management such as an enhanced layer functionality in the 2D Footprint with a flexible physical and newly implemented logical layer structure for improved structuring and filtering functionalities.  

Also, in the Cable Management domain some useful additions make life easier for our clients. We’ve implemented significant improvements in fiber management via flexible definitions of cable types in terms of bundles, number of fibers and color codes, assignment of attenuation values and linking of additional information on individual fiber level (e. g. contracts). The management of port and fiber status was optimized as well.  

Which additional optimizations does the release offer?  

Bernd: In addition to developing numerous new functions, we have also improved existing functions to address the requirements of the FNT user group and our clients. For instance, we extended the table handling in FNT Command. Users can now adjust the column order, the column width and individually hide columns in all tables. Not only just that, but users can also save their individual configurations.  

What other enhancements come with FNT Command 13? 

Marlene: In the Cable Management domain, the signal management auto-routing functionality is enhanced to cover targets located within the same zone – so it can now be used for any routing purpose, also for routing within a data center room. In addition, the splicing functionality now handles cassette spanning splices continuously in all relevant domains of FNT Command. This implementation closes a gap in cable planning and documentation and improves existing functionalities such as more detailed signal tracing information for splices cassettes. 

As for Data Center Infrastructure Management, features such as snap to grid functionality, flexible creation and subsequent editing of graphic objects, polygon functionalities and object labeling allow footprints to be created faster and easier with more accuracy and more details. 

Bernd: The new release also provides enhancements in the planning functionality domain such as the move of chassis with already planned deleted sub-equipment (e.g. module) to another location, or the swap of mounting position in the cabinet.  

Besides that, a lot of improvements “under the hood” were implemented such as the configuration of LDAP authorization in case of multiple active LDAP server for authentication or message bus communication and events handling. Technical improvements also allow us to deliver FNT Command as a docker image which enables the deployment in the private cloud. 

In a nutshell, what advantages does the new release bring to clients? 

Marlene: Clients benefit from many new, powerful features and improved functions which enable them to take even more advantage of the FNT Command Platform. Clients should also take into account that the new release is the basis for further integration into the latest version of the other solution components of the FNT Command Platform, such as FNT ProcessCenter, FNT GeoMaps and FNT Analytics. The first stable release with long-term support is already available with FNT Command 13.2. 

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