End-to-end process management with FNT ProcessCenter

Manage IT and DC infrastructures and telco networks efficiently with user-specific workflows and integrated work order management

FNT ProcessCenter is a new component of the FNT Command Platform that enables end-to-end process management for all changes made to the existing IT, data center or network infrastructure. In this interview Andreas Regele and Jonas Wagner, both Product Managers at FNT, explain how FNT ProcessCenter makes internal workflows and the control of external service providers more efficient. 

Why is efficient process management for changes made to IT, data center and network infrastructures more important today than ever before? 

Andreas: With digitalization, IT, data center and network infrastructures are becoming more complex, more hybrid. That’s why the demands on infrastructure management are growing. Many system discontinuities in infrastructure documentation impede clarity, transparency, and prevent efficient workflows between infrastructure planners, installers, operators, and ultimately with the business. FNT ProcessCenter helps with that regard. 

What are the most important features that FNT ProcessCenter includes?  

Jonas: With the FNT Command Platform, FNT offers unified resource management. This means that all assets and resources, regardless of whether they reside in the IT, data center, or telecommunications domain, are housed and managed in a single, comprehensive data repository. This holistic approach makes it possible to manage physical, logical, and virtual assets through to services. FNT ProcessCenter is based on this infrastructure repository and supports managing these infrastructures via workflows (plan, deploy/build, change, disassemble). It also supports the design and definition of services based on IT assets and their integration into workflows. In addition, FNT ProcessCenter enables the control of internal and external service providers via modern work order management. 

What makes FNT ProcessCenter different than other workflow management tools? 

Jonas: FNT ProcessCenter helps make it possible to execute end-to-end provisioning, modification, and termination processes, from request to implementation, with a high degree of standardization, transparency, planning and orchestration. Any process can be modeled using its workflow engine. Additionally, the tight coupling with the infrastructure repository of the FNT Command Platform makes the planners’ work much easier. 

Andreas: As Jonas mentioned, with FNT ProcessCenter we provide cutting-edge process capabilities like a Workflow Engine and Request Handling. But what’s unique about FNT ProcessCenter is the Work Order Management solution component. It goes beyond workflows and enables the structuring and orchestration of work orders. Work Order Management provides a modern workspace for efficient, transparent, and cross-team control of processes. It brings an agile working method to otherwise rigid processes.  

The interaction between Request Handling, Workflow Engine and Work Order Management in FNT ProcessCenter.

How is FNT ProcessCenter integrated into the FNT Command Platform? 

Jonas: FNT ProcessCenter is part of the FNT Command Platform so is highly integrated in the capabilities surrounding it. The Work Order Management is one key component that brings a deep coupling with the FNT Command planning feature. Steps which are performed in Work Order Management have a direct impact on how the work order is executed. On the other hand, FNT ProcessCenter is designed to build processes around FNT Catalog Management to request new IT products and services, change or discontinue them.  

What major benefits does FNT ProcessCenter offer customers? 

Andreas: First, it makes it possible to comprehensively manage infrastructures via workflows, design and define services based on infrastructure assets, and integrate them into workflows. Second, it allows users to more easily control and settle suppliers via a modern work order management system.  

Jonas: Additionally, FNT ProcessCenter helps bring to life the IT, data center and network infrastructure documented in the infrastructure repository of the FNT Command Platform. Business processes related to the infrastructure can be easily integrated. Because of its integration capabilities, FNT ProcessCenter makes it easy to keep documentation up to date. The importance of always having an accurate view of the infrastructure at your fingertips cannot be emphasized enough. 

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