Digital Strategy Solutions: Data Center Management in the Cloud

Historically, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software has been used in on-premise systems. Just five years ago, it was unthinkable for business-critical data to be transferred and stored in the cloud. Today, however, cloud-based DCIM solutions are becoming increasingly popular to manage hybrid infrastructures holistically.

By taking advantage of a SaaS operating model, or DCIM-as-a-Service (DCIMaaS), companies can utilize all services related to data center management more efficiently and with greater precision.Compared to an in-house solution, a SaaS model provides greater flexibility, offers a more holistic view of all IT and communications-related devices and components, and also reduces costs. DCIMaaS offerings can take data center processes to a new level.

Oliver Lindner, Senior Consultant for server management at FNT Software., discussed the advantages of a SaaS model in Data Center Dynamics. Read the full article here.