FNT Software Expands Partner Network in North America

FNT Software is proud to expand its U.S. partner network within enterprise IT, data center, and telecommunications industries. From the planning and documentation of IT and telecommunications infrastructure to the full-service management of data centers and the automation and optimization of all IT processes, our partners use FNT’s solutions to help their customers maximize business performance.   In January 2021, FNT partnered with Competitive Telecoms Group, Inc. (CTG), one of the leading consulting and recruiting companies in the telecommunications and data center industries. As an approved sales channel for … Continue reading FNT Software Expands Partner Network in North America

Advantages of Data Center Management in the Cloud

As hybrid digital infrastructures consisting of on-premises and cloud-based systems become more and more common within companies, complexity significantly increases. A professional data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool should be able to manage not only the data center itself, but also hybrid digital infrastructures in all their complexity.

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Transforming Mobile Networks with FNT Command

To keep pace with competitors, IoT and the rise of edge computing – network transformation is mission critical. However, as modern networks are highly complex, this transformation has the potential to be a time-consuming and costly process. From FTTA and C-RAN architecture upgrades, to laying fiber and connecting BBU pool resources to the core network, there are countless steps that must be taken to ensure data is properly transported over mobile networks to geographically dispersed users.

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