451 Research Report Covers FNT Command’s Ability to Manage Network Assets

Over the past several years, 451 Research has tracked FNT Software as a DCIM supplier. Recently, analyst Andy Lawrence and his team at 451 Research published a report on how FNT meets the growing demand for tools to manage intra- and inter-data center networks.

The report focuses on FNT’s capabilities for managing network assets and connectivity with FNT Command. FNT Command is in high demand due to datacenter operators increasingly investing in network assets, and therefore needing to manage those assets alongside their facility and IT assets.

While there are various products available which are aimed at giving better visibility and control of assets, these do not present the vendor-independent integrated view of IT, data center and telecom assets that can be achieved using the FNT Command data model. FNT has experienced strong interest and increasing demand for FNT Command’s telecom and cable management tools from the traditional telco sector, as well as from datacenter and service providers.

The report positions FNT Software as a player of growing importance.

“Its engineering and technical strengths; its ability to span IT, facilities and networks; and its secure, stable growth trajectory are all points to watch,” Andy Lawrence stated.

Andy Lawrence also added “FNT is stable and growing” and highlighted FNT’s ability to successfully provide a unified way to manage assets and capacity for network assets alongside IT and facilities.